J. Gregory enables clients to focus on their Core Business by outsourcing the administrative task related to their payroll.

We add value for business owners by Alleviating Time-Consuming payroll administration activities.

In addition to the processing, packaging, and delivery of your Employees Paychecks, we also offer many payroll related services including:

  • Online Payroll Submissions

  • Certified Payrolls

  • Tax Administration

  • Job Costing

  • Employee Garnishment and Wage Assessment Administration

  • W-2, Year End Reporting

  • Employee Applications

  • Direct Deposit/Pay Card

  • Employee Date Management- Indexing, Storage, and Retrieved

  • Administered Sick/Vacation Time

  • Enabling Compliance with Tax and Labor Legislation for both Clients and Employees

  • Secure, Cloud-Based System, available 24/7

  • Integrated Time Keeping

  • Device enabled technology, desktop, tablet, and mobile phone.